Saturday, August 17, 2013

First week in Singapore

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So, I have not been updating my blog for ages. Never really had the time to write about anything. Actually, it was because there was NOTHING to write about. It was always the same. Work home eat sleep. BORING. Anyways, I have ample of time (currently yes because it’s not the peak period as yet in my workplace.) so I decided to update.

So…. I quitted my old job (YEAH ME!) and I am now working in Singapore. Weeeee ~
Just started this week and I’m spending my first weekend in Singapore alone. *yawns*

Not really alone because I’ll be meeting up with my friend later. I guess alone in the sense that I’m staying with people that I don’t really know well. I’m renting a room and I’m staying with a family here. The room is spacious. Lots of drawers for me to put my stuff. I didn’t bring that many things either because it was such a rush. I had just a week to settle everything. Gosh, I hated that few days. Too many things to worry about.
Anyways, most of the things are done. Hopefully everything will flow smoothly. Obviously , few things that I’m happy about working in Singapore is that everything is quite convenient. If you are working in Singapore, food can be pretty cheap. The MRT is good (better than KTM obviously). I usually leave the house slightly before 7. I’ll reach the office by 7.45. I’ll take my own sweet time to have my breakfast.

Since I’m really new with the Singapore tax law and whatnot, I take up a lot of time studying. The bosses are kind enough to understand that I’ll incur more time to read up all those cases. Basically, for the past one week, my brain is full of new information. I’m learning all over again. Usually, I’ll get so absorbed in reading and learning that I felt that eagerness, the rush, the excitement when I KNOW that I’m learning new things again.

Working in my ex-company for 5 years ++, I’ve not had this kind of feeling since I first started working there. Although , I know that I’m practically starting all over again but I just want to gain something instead of just doing the same thing over again.  I wanted something different, so I guess I got what I wanted.
People here are kinder. HAHA. Not saying that Malaysians are rude but guys here act more like a gentleman :P (So far. I’ve only been here for a week sooooo……)

A lot of walking here. Not complaining though. As long as it’s convenient, I’m happy about it.
I’ve complained about this before and I’m going to say it again. No. Bidet. I can’t even….

I’m totally not used to NOT having a bidet in the toilet. I think it’s only the people in my department but they don’t really flush properly? Are they in a rush that they don’t bother to spend another 5 secs to flush properly?

Another problem that frustrates me is the computer system that im using is totally BLERGH. This is probably my Company’s problem. Since im a new staff, im really new to all the program and system used. The problem is that I can’t really use it at the moment. I tried asking the IT to fix but still not working. Work is piling up and if I can’t get it working then I’ll have to suffer later. Totally not my fault though but I don’t think bosses will be that understanding if the work is urgent.

Apart from that, everything is OK. Still need to get used to the flow of things. People in general are great.
Oh oh ohoh. There was this guy in office. I guess I was looking at him a lot because… he looks like my cousin brother. HAHA. He has the same eye smile, the fair skin. Height. Hair style!

Ok. Just to clarify. NOT attracted to him or anything. Just that the resemblance is just too much.  They look so alike. Haha.

MRT is efficient so far *thumbs up*

I guess no matter which country, no matter how developed, there is still one problem that nobody can fix.


Body odor.


No need to elaborate on that.

First week in Singapore and I’m spending quite a lot. As my friend put it “settling down fee”. 

I’ve been diligently keeping track of my expenses. I hope I won’t get lazy one day and stop doing that. HAHA. I know I have the tendency to quit something easily.

I’m enjoying the quiet life. (But not right now because the landlady is scolding her grandkids and boy, she sure has a loud voice)

Basically, I’m loving it. I have more time for myself and to do other things at my own pace. Waking up early is still something I find hard to do.

Will post up a picture of my room when the landlady is not in. haha. Gonna take nap and do some grocery shopping with my girlfriend J

I’ll update if anything interesting happens. Perhaps gonna start writing again. I’ve left most of my stories hanging since 2 years ago. My bad. Guilty as charged.

ok maybe i'll post a pix. i took few days back. HAHA. i can see the double eyelid at one side of my eye. I guess I was pretty tired then.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Super Junior Concert in Malaysia

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Ahhh~~ before you think that I actually went for the concert.WRONG! I didn't... tsk..from what I read, it was pretty awesome!! Next time, I'm sure I'll attend!! Anyways, I was there...outside the stadium with chingu and her sis. We could hear screams and the boys singing..loud music...fireworks...the stadium was vibrating~

Chingu and her sis

There were other fans waiting outside too and they are even more excited than us. Everytime SuJu sang a song, they will scream with delight ㅋㅋㅋ

I thought that perhaps I could get something, like a souvenir or some mechandise butta...I was disappointed cz I seriously didn't see anything much after standing for 1 hour we headed out for dinner....

I know the concert was like days ago..hahaa..and I'm late to update this... ㅋㅋㅋ

Had a pretty bad week. Work work work work.... man...stressful, fell like just quitting?? nehh..feel like jumping off the office building...

I even heard SHINee is JB... on a weekday.... WTH!! Ok, I'm not a fan .. BUT STILLLLLLLLLLL........

This week is gonna be a hectic wk for me....planning to go in office 2mr to finish all the work..haih...Teman me ppl!!

Anyways, later I'm planning to eat 비빔밥 (bibimbap) and chingu plans to eat her fav 잡채 (japchae)...chingu did tell me to eat something else apart from BBB cz everytime we hang out in a korean restaurant, i'll definitely order BBB..hahaha...what to do..i LOVE it...

I shall take pix of the restaurant ltr!! Nothing interest happened this wk...mostly stayed back late in office..OH, i did stumbled upon this site...I was curious as to how we say "itadakimasu" in other it is!!

Language Phrase
Afrikaans Smaaklike ete! Lekker eet!
Albanian T'boftë mire!
Amharic Melkam Megeb
Arabic (Egyptian) (bil hana wish shifa'!) بالهنا و الشفاء!
response - (allah yihanneek/i) الله يهنّيك
Arabic (Modern Standard) (bil-hanā' wa ash-shifā') بالهناء والشفاء / بالهنا والشفا
may you have your meal with gladness and health
Armenian (Eastern) Բարի' ախորժակ: (Bari akh.orzh.ak)
Aromanian Oraxi bunã! S-vã facã ghini!
Azerbaijani Nuş olsun
Basque On egin!
Belarusian Смачна есьці! (Smachna yesci)
Bhojpuri स्वादिष्ट खाना (swadist khana)
Breton Kalon digor! Debrit ervat! Debrit a galon!
Bulgarian Да Ви е вкусно! (Da vi e vkusno) frm
Да ти е вкусно! (Da vi e vkusno) inf
Добър апетит! (Dobãr apetit)
Да Ви е сладко! (Da vi e sladko) frm
Да ти е сладко! (Da ti e sladko) inf
Приятно хапване! (Prijatno hapvane)
Приятно ядене! (Prijatno jadene)
Catalan Bon profit! Que vagi de gust!
Chamorro Buen prubechu
Chinese (Cantonese) 食飯 (sihk faahn) - eat
Chinese (Mandarin) 慢慢吃! (mànmàn chī!) - eat slowly
請慢用 [请慢用] (qǐng màn yòng) - please eat slowly
請入席 [请入席] (qǐng rù xí) - please be seated - frm
Cornish Omlowen dha bos!
Croatian Dobar tek!
Czech Dobrou chuť!
Danish Velbekomme!
Dutch Smakelijk eten! Eet Smakelijk!
English Bon appetit! Enjoy your meal! (frm)
Enjoy! Tuck in! Get stuck in! Eat already! (inf/slang)
Happy eating! Get your laughing gear round this! (inf/slang)
Esperanto Bonan apetiton!
Estonian Jätku leiba! (used when joining the table)
Head isu! (used when leaving the table)
Faroese Vælgagnist
Finnish Hyvää ruokahalua!
French Bon appétit !
Friulian Bon pitìc
Genoese Bon pro'!
Georgian გაამოთ! (gaamoth) - frm გაამოს! (gaamos) - inf
გემრიელად მიირთვით! (gemrielad miirthvith) - frm
გემრიელად მიირთვი! (gemrielad miirthvi) - inf
German Guten Appetit! Mahlzeit! En Guete! (Swiss German)
Greek Καλή όρεξη! (Kalí óreksi!)
Hawaiian E ʻai ka-ua (you and I), E ʻai ka-kou (2+ people)
Hebrew (b'tayavon) בתיאבון
Hindi स्वादिष्ट खाना (Svādiṣṭ khānā)
Hungarian Jó étvágyat!
Icelandic Verði þér að góðu
Indonesian Selamat makan!
Inuktitut ᐊᑏ ᓂᕆᓕᖅᑕ (Atii niriliqta)
Italian Buon appetito!
Japanese どうぞめしあがれ (douzo meshiagare) = 'enjoy your meal' - said by the cook/chef
いただきます (itadakimasu) - said before a meal by those eating
ご馳走さま (gochisōsama) - said after a meal by those who have eaten
Jèrriais Bouan appétit!
Kazakh Ас болсын! (As bolsın!)
Korean 잘 먹겠습니다 (jal meokkesseumnida) - before a meal
잘 먹었습니다 (jal meogeosseumnida) - after a meal
맛있게 드세요 (masitkke deuseyo)
Klingon yISop! (sg) peSop! (pl)
Latin Bonum appetitionem!
Lativan Labu apetīti!
Lithuanian Gero apetito! Skanaus!
Lojban a'o.e'o lo sanmi cu xamgu ko
Luxembourgish Gudden Appetit!
Macedonian Пријатно јадење (Priyatno yadenye)
Malay Selamat menjamu selera! (Please treat your appetite)
Jemput makan! (Please eat!) Makan makan! (Eat eat!)
Maltese L-ikla t-tajba
M&x#0101;ri Kia mākona
Marathi रूचकर जेवण (ruckar jevaṇ)
Mongolian Сайхан хооллоорой (Saihan hoollooroi)
Norwegian Vær så god! Vel bekomme!
Occitan Bon apetís!
Persian (befarma'id) بفرماييد (nooshe jan) نوش جان
Polish Smacznego! Na zdrowie! Bon appetit!
Portuguese Bom apetite!
Romanian Poftă bună!
Russian Приятного аппетита! (Prijatnogo appetita)
Sabethir (Endiaré'hysil) Bon appetit in Sabethir
Scottish Gaelic Ith gu leòir! (Eat plenty!)
Serbian Пријатно! (Prijatno!)
Slovak Dobrú chuť!
Slovenian Dober tek!
Spanish ¡Buen provecho! ¡Buen apetito!
Swahili Ufurahie chakula chako (sg)
Furahieni chakula chenu (pl)
Swedish Smaklig måltid!
Tagalog Tayo'y magsikain (frm) Kainan na! (inf) - Let's eat
Tamil மகிழ்ந்து உண்ணுங்கள் (magizhnthu unnungal)
Thai ขอให้เจริญอาหาร! (koh hai cha-roen ar-harn)
Tigrinya ብላዕ (blaˋ - lit: eat!)
Turkish Afiyet olsun!
Ukrainian Смачного! (Smačnoho)
Üqoi Kaj'ëëj'ëëvoghjaeti akavigo! U'uz'öghjaeti abzoohä!
Urdu (maze karein) مزےکریں!
Uzbek Yoqimli ishtaha!
Vietnamese Ăn ngon nhé / Chúc ngon miệng
Welsh Mwynhewch eich bwyd!
Xhosa Ukonwabele ukutya kwakho
Yiddish (Es gezunterheyt!) עס געזונטערהײט
Yorùbá Ounjẹ ajẹye o / Yoo gba ibi re
Zulu Thokoleza ukudla!

Source: Here

Yep..I'm all about food today..hehehee..It's Friday...TGIFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carrine signing off for now~~~

Thursday, October 22, 2009

MI V : Korea Trip (2010)

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My colleague asked me, why I didn't update here I am...butta...nothing to talk I asked my chingu..this was what she said:-

Carrine : Syee asked me about my blog..I didn't update for 3 months here I am in my blog..
but I got nothing to talk about..

Chingu : Talk about our korea mission

Korea..mission?????? YEPPPPPP...we both plan to go to Korea this year..end of this year when it's freezing cold there. WOOT!

So far, well...we didn't plan much yet... ㅠ_ㅠ I got a beanie...or should I say earflap beanie and a luggage bag...but that's about it...haih...

My brother is going to China next week, so I asked him to get me another ear muffler.lob...

Matta fair is next week ,so we're going there to check things out..but first of all, i gotta check how to get there...since we'll be taking the train there and from what I read on the website , we gotta change train. the map looks..confusing..well, i just wanna make sure we hop on the right train, get out at the right station. we wanna be there early so that we can go back early too. im sure there'll be alot of ppl..i just hope, erm..not that many ppl la...hahaha

so, i was planning to go korea...and stay there at least 10 days? the longer the better, wahahaa..

a few places that i wanna go are:-


ok..I maybe 24 years old (24 going 25 T_T) but i just LOVE me childish but I can't help it...i love the thrill and the sight of all those gigantic themepark rides...(the faster, the higher the better ^^)

I just love this website..ahaha..everything is so cute and lively...look at all those rides!!!!!!!! DROOLSSS!!! in that website, i saw ppl eating wants too!!!

there's also folk museum...ok....these pix are kinda creepy..but i know they shouldn't be scary laa..haha

I was looking at another website and i saw the admission fee..


*slowly calculating using my brain*

ok...expensive -.-

anyways, i just GOTTA go matter what!!!


Another place I hope to visit. Always read about ppl talking about going to han river...saw on tv..watched throught dramas...i wanna see it for myself!!!

The Han River is a major river in South Korea and the fourth longest river on the Korean peninsula after the Amnok, Duman, and Nakdong rivers (source : wikipedia) waaaaahhhh

From the website, we can go for a bike ride! LOL...there's even a couple bike...(chingu, we can choose'll be fun!!.....2300 won per hour..boleh laaaa)

We can go on the ferry cruise..and I see food!!! yummy!!


Jeju Island!!! I'm not sure if i'll be able to go to jeju island's one place i really wanna go too...even koreans love going there...and from what I have seen on korean dramas, it really looks like a nice place to go!!

Jeju Island - one of the most beautiful islands in East Asia is located just one hour by air from Seoul, capital of Republic of Korea. Being of volcanic origin Jeju has 368 secondary craters, with Mt. Halla (1950 m) in the center of the island - it is an extinct volcano with a big crater on the top and lush vegetation growing down to the very seaside. The island is 73 km from west to east and 31 km from north to south, with a coast line of 254 km.

Tourist features of Jeju.
- Mild climate. Jeju is in subtropics and is excellent place for active tourism - not too hot and not too cold.
- Pure sea and air with a favorable ecology.



Next is shopping!!! Was just looking around and i saw this..

Dongdaemun market

Alot of retails shops...alot of shopping to do!!!


Antiques shops, souvernir shops, restaurants..handicrafts...hanbok!!! oh, even art galleries


I'm not really into clubbin but it'll be interesting to just walk through these places...and see how is it like clubbin in korea...hahaa...

My friend went to korea before and what I like is that she got to experience how to write her name in korean (using the brush and paint), wore hanbok and got to go to the royal palace experience program..I would like to try my hands on some traditional craft making'll be cool...

Altough I did say I wanna experience and go to so many places but then obviously it depends on the tour package we gonna choose and I know I may not be able to go to all the places I wanna go but then being able to be in Korea and experience the cold weather, I'm already happy..and moreover, having chingu to go least I have someone as semangat as me to go to korea too!!

ok now...time for me to study korean...(if only im THAT hardworking..ahahhah)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Orchard in Port Dickson...

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I was thinking of updating my blog by telling everyone my experience with HELIUM... but my pendrive is not working and all my pix are in there...well, I only have pix which I took yesterday when I went to Port Dickson to visit my grandma's sis... she and her family owns a huge orchard.
So, I got the chance to go around. It's a waste as most of the fruits are gone. Rambutan, durian season just passed..arrghh....wasted wasted...

Anyways, manage to take pix around the orchard. I love it there EXCEPT for the mosquitoes!! MAN!! I was itching all over... worse is, the flies!! Even when we wanted to eat the fruits, the flies will be circling around us -.-lll

My uncle calls it pokok besi. Not sure if it's correct or not..

Durian tree without the fruit..

Took this on the way there..I just love the's so sweet!

My uncle's car..hehehe...

I noticed that tree from afar...the shape is so unique, I just gotta take a pix..

Green everywhere!!
Didn't really get to take that many pix. Feel wasted too. It's not like I get to go there very often. It's my first too... it took us 10 mins to enter into that place and my uncle's car was full of mud. Once he reached Malacca, he went to wash his I hope to go there again and see all the durians and rambutans and mangosteen.... oh.. palm tree was like everywhere!!
Ok..gonna update next time about my experience with helium with my chingu...hehehe...I'm ending this post with a pix I took of myself while waiting for food yesterday....hehe...

It's not my sunglass though. It's my mom's. I wish to have one but then...need to buy those with power...haih...

Friday, May 29, 2009

What's interesting this week....

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First of all, wanted to watch Terminator Salvation BUT when we got there the tickets were all sold out. DARN!!! the end, I watched Monsters Vs Aliens instead. I don't usually watch cartoon moreover in the cinema! But then, we thought, why not just give it a shot....

Well, I won't say I regret watching the movie coz there are parts where I LMAO..the part where I couldn't stop laughing was *a little spoiler ahead* when the President (voiced by Stephen Colbert) knew that earth was gonna be invaded by aliens. General W.R. Monger (voiced by Kiefer Sutherland) introduced the monsters to the President and to tell him that the only way to go against the aliens are the monsters. The part in which the monsters were introduced, to me, was the funniest part especially when the tea lady kept screaming her butt off each time the General intro each monsters. You can watch that part a little here.

Another part was when the monsters realised that they gotta fight the aliens, Susan @ Ginormica (voiced by Resse Witherspoon) freaked out coz she's not the type of girl who fights! She was hyperventilating and that part reminds me of can see that part here.

Overall, it's a good movie ^^

Yesterday, my cousin sent me a MMS, asking me which hanbok should she wear for today's IU night....

A normal hanbok, slightly shorter on the top

Hanbok wore by princesses

I love the pink one, so in the end she got that one. Jelesnya...I so wanna try it on too!!

Oppss.....another spam pix..hahahhaha Cr:soompi
Ehem....Anyways, my whole intention of this post was to talk about the fire drill held in my office on Thursday. Nobody panic. Everyone was having a great time. We all died / perished in the fire. I can imagine ppl jumping out of the windown. Firemen were there with the big red fire engine. I was telling my chingu that I wanna try riding one of the fire truck. HAHAHA...
We walked down 11+5 floors of stairs...nothing but stairs!!! Imagine if the situation was real, I rather just jump down through the window T_T
After walking down like forever, we gathered outside and took attendance. Then...we waited...and waited...and waited....oh did I mention there was free mineral water and sandwich...and it was freaking HOT!!!
After standing there like forever, some of us decided to get away from there and we went to KFC pulak to drink and eat...wahahhaha...took some time off to read mags too ^^ The bad thing was that after the fire drill, I totally had NO mood to continue working...what a dragggg...

Guy in white: This is so fun...let's go it again!
Girl in red: WHAT??!!!

People rushing to take attendance..

Chingu pouting...

Lining up in accordance to the level where we work....

It's a Saturday and what I am doing?? am just too free >.<

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pictures spam

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Yep, I have nothing to do (actually I do, it's just that I do not have the mood to do anything now). Thanks to my chingu, I was surfing the net and found some nice pix...just in the mood to post up piix, do nothing..think of nothing..just wishing that I am shopping instead...

Shiwon (Super Junior) O.o
SNSD (Girls Generation)

Big Bang


Kim Bim

Koo Hye Sun

Lee Min-ho

Kim Hyun Joong
Just realised most of the pix are ppl from BOF...hahaha....well, I found tons of their pix in that website...can't blame me...
Actually, there was a fire drill in my office. That will be my next post ^^

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Korean food anyone??

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Went to eat at Da Sa Rang with my chingu on Sunday. Love the atmosphere and the food. I loveeeeeeeee Kimchi fried rice but I didn't order that yesterday. Instead, we ordered the set.

Ee Mey driving us there....hahaa

Upon arrival~~

Hungry Ee Mey~

The sauce but it was too salty for me..

I love love LOVE the orange juice

We chose chicken and pork....

The kimchi soup was really spicy for me though...

Ee Mey doing some silly pose...

After dinner, we felt thristy so we went to McD and ate ice cream ^^ But that was not enough, we went to buy drinks too!!! ehem....

Oh...this post is tak Halal la.... got about Pork >.<

Anyways, bored in office so I went here and get some pix again..LOL!!..don't blame's like so dead in office with zombies around....(except for chingu of coz..if not she will kill me for saying this..)

Last but not least, found this in Soompi...LOL....he looks sooooo ridiculous here....

credit : as tagged


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